Building a New Community Takes Time


Given The Green Light To Build a New Community

There are many planning and permitting steps before any new community can begin, and developments have a way of changing over the course of this journey. When everything is finally set, it is time to break ground and begin construction. This is often a day of celebration for the developer, and local politicians as well as business people are often invited to the ground breaking ceremony. While they pose for photographs as they dig up a few clods of dirt with shovels, the real work is begun immediately after with the backhoes and earth movers that will clear the land.

Roads are an important part of any community, and creating them is often necessary when a new community is built. The road beds are often the first place where the land is cleared, and building them strong enough to carry the heavy loads of building materials is part of the work. There are advantages to building in this manner, and the local government is always apprised that the road will last a good while without maintenance due to the planning for heavy loads.

The amenities are often the first area to see buildings being raised, and their completion is important for sales. When prospective buyers arrive, they will see the wealth of design that has gone into planning a cohesive community every resident can enjoy. Adding in the amenities such as a pool, tennis courts and the local park area will show them that the developer understands the needs for the entire family.

Most new communities also have houses that are built as models for prospective buyers to tour. These are showplaces, completely furnished, that will give those interested in being part of the new community a chance to see what they can get for their purchase. Most of these model homes will be sold once the majority of the lots have been purchased.